Bounties for Gnome (Compiz?) window behaviour improvements

Back in 1993 on the student computer network at MIT  it seems we had window managers (I used vtwm.gamma) and broadcast instant message systems (zephyr, ridiculously customisable)  running on Unix(es) that still compete  very favourably with features offered today by what people mistakenly consider to be recent inventions.

Anyway, the GNU/Linux world has sensibly settled in part on a compromise interface, Gnome, which behaves nicely but is not very customisable. Or is it?  Here are some things I will happily PAY YOU to implement or tell me how to set up.  Propose a price if you know how to solve one or more:

My window manager (compiz,…) does a very clever job of dealing with “full-screen” mode when I have an extended desktop, e.g. I can drag a window from a display with one size to a display with a different size, and it will spring back to full-screen in the new display. Pretty cool. But:

  • I want a key binding to make the window full-screens (rather than full-screen), ie to span the space across the extended desktop, rather than just the portion covered by one display device.
  • I want a key binding to make a window full-screen in the OTHER device of an extended desktop, ie to switch screens


  • I would like to set up a hot key to switch the focus to a particular existing application. E.g. I often have an open terminal named “alpine”. I would like to be able to press a key and have my view switch to the top-listed window with the name “alpine”.

Of course, I’d also like to see a better-working bounty system for Ubuntu or GNU/Linux development. I’ve ideas for that…

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