Mini-Review of Lenovo T14s Gen 3 Intel under Ubuntu 22.04

This is a skeleton review. I got a T14s Gen 3 Intel in August 2022. The “Intel” refers to this machine coming in two groups of versions: one with an Intel CPU and one with an AMD CPU. Mine apparently has a “12th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1270P Processor with vPro® (E-Core Max 3.50 GHz, P-Core Max 4.80 GHz with Turbo Boost, 12 Cores, 16 Threads, 18 MB Cache)”.

I got it with 32GB of soldered (non-upgradeable?) RAM.

Sadly, I had no choice when ordering but to get the 1TB SSD drive preloaded with an unwanted copy of Microsoft “Windows 10 Pro 64 preinstalled through downgrade rights in Windows 11 Pro 64”, whatever that means (downgrade rights?! Are you serious?).

I say “sadly” because I haven’t booted Windows on a machine I own in decades, and because I installed a replacement 4TB SSD (and the Ubuntu OS) without ever booting the drive that came with the laptop (so if you want a 1 TB SSD with un-opened Windows on it, call me…).

In any case, I’m just writing to say that all these things worked out of the box, maybe better than any most-recent-model Lenovo laptop I’ve ever bought:

  • graphics, including HDMI port to large external monitor, full-screen video
  • fingerprint reader
  • sound, headphones
  • touchscreen
  • thunderbolt port to a non-Lenovo generic docking hub, which is connected to ethernet, HDMI, audio, tablet, webcam, …
  • sleeping (but only the Windows/Linux sleeping mode, which was the default; switching to the Linux-only sleep mode in BIOS did not work)
  • keyboard light
  • nearly everything else I’ve tried so far

Here is the only exception so far:

  • Some keyboard “hotkeys” don’t seem to be available to me. That is, I cannot set up custom keyboard shortcuts for some of the basic hot keys, like the F9 /F10/F11/F12 buttons withOUT using the Function key

The system was a replacement for me of a T450s on Ubuntu 22.04, and the upgrade is amazing: blazing fast, lightweight, etc.

The only downside may be that there are no longer two batteries (one internal, one hot-swappable), and I understand that people have complaints about the relatively low battery life, though this isn’t a problem for me so far. Neither is heat management: I’ve only heard the fan for about half a second after two weeks’ use.

Lenovo, please ditch the Microsoft tax in Canada. But thanks for the transparency about your hardware, and to the Linux devs and OSS community, and Ubuntu — thank you for the magic.

That’s it for now.

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2 Responses to Mini-Review of Lenovo T14s Gen 3 Intel under Ubuntu 22.04

  1. yusuf says:

    hows the keyboard, my t14s gen 3 has quite a harsh keyboard with small amount of travel. The trackpad on mine is also quite loose.

  2. cpbl says:

    Oh, I quite agree about the keyboard: I much prefer my T450s keyboard. That is not an OS issue, though. 🙂
    Trackpad seems fine to me, I guess. It’s what I use 100% of the time, but I may not be a connoisseur.

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