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Using Email at McGill university: Ongoing suffering of an open-source user, year 9

It’s 2020, and the world has changed. Well, yes, there’s that, but I meant that the world of email has changed. For reasons I won’t speculate and rant about here, the problem of spam has not been solved, and email … Continue reading

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Composing and typesetting a funding proposal using LyX (SSHRC/ NSERC /CIHR)

This is one of the geekier posts I’ve written, in the sense that the number of people for whom this might be useful is… small and they are not likely to search for it. In Canada, submitting an application to … Continue reading

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Solving collective action problems is what society does

I taught an introductory undergraduate course in environment, society, and sustainability this past term.  We look at big-picture environmental problems from a mostly-social-science perspective. Early on, we started to compile a list of collective action problems of all kinds which … Continue reading


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McGill University firmly embedded with Microsoft

This is the nearly incredible story of how one of Canada’s great universities has become such a buttress of the Microsoft monopoly that it cannot even provide for a new faculty member the normal ability to send and receive email. … Continue reading

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Assistant professor teaching loads at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

Last year, in the context of negotiating terms of a faculty position, I found out that there are no statistics for just how many courses faculty teach. The university doesn’t compile (or share) them from departments, and of course if … Continue reading

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UBC thesis under LyX; manuscript-based thesis under LaTeX

A year ago when I finished my dissertation at UBC I posted a complete set of LaTeX files for generating a manuscript-based thesis (bibliographies separate for each chapter, etc) in which each chapter is a separate file in LaTeX. (This … Continue reading

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Improving how scientists communicate about Climate Change

A great little article by Susan Joy Hassol in an issue of AGU’s EOS from last month listed a bunch of science words that should be avoided. Think about what these mean to a scientist versus in more general parlance: … Continue reading

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