Annotating PDFs in GNU/Linux

After years of waiting for a top-quality open source PDF editor/markup tool, and being baffled why they don’t exist… I’ve given up.  What I’ve settled on for the moment performs rather well:

At a command line, I type

pdfedit <pdffilename>

You can download my pdfedit, which is a file in my ~/bin folder (which is on my path). It relies on closed source Windows software (!agh!); see, installed in Wine.

Essentially, it opens the given pdf file in Tracker Software’s editor, which makes highlighting and annotating easy.  I will probably stop printing out papers completely now, even though I tend to prefer reading and marking them up that way, as the paperless filing system is too much of an advantage.

I use the same key for pdf filenames as I do for BibTeX key names, and have the following bash function to search for them:



grep --ignore-case $1 /home/cpbl/texmf/bibtex/bib/*bib | grep -iv "abstract=" | grep -iv "abstract ="

ls ~/web/publications/*pdf ~/library/*pdf ~/library/*/printed/*pdf ~/library/*/printed/*doc ~/library/*/*doc ~/library/*/*pdf   | grep --ignore-case $1

grep --ignore-case $1 /home/cpbl/library/listOfPrintedFiles.txt


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