Ubuntu on Lenovo Thinkpad T450s

Lenovo’s T450s is another piece of high-production-volume hardware from a vendor with a fairly good reputation for Linux support … but a host of serious problems under Ubuntu’s flagship “Long-term-support” operating system.  I’d love to be in touch with others running this machine, to know whether these are all common symptoms for you:

Hardware-ish Problems as of June 2016:

Beyond that, there are various software problems with Ubuntu 16.04. I have filed bugs about apt-mark hold, banshee, biber [update: fix released], etc. But these are not particular to my hardware.

Also, for some bizarre reason, although I more or less maxed out the specs on this machine, the keyboard backlight does not work, which apparently means I bought one without! Careful not to do that.


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2 Responses to Ubuntu on Lenovo Thinkpad T450s

  1. christian says:

    I have updated to the Kernel 4 and it improved some of the feature of the Lenovo ( I am on Linux mint) Still find very annoying that the intel and nvidia switch is too complicated to setup.

    • cpbl says:

      Glad to hear it.
      I’m already using kernel version 4.4.0-24-generic, which is the default for Ubuntu 16.04. Is that what you mean by Kernel 4?

      I was asked to try the “mainline kernel” for one bug report. I tried to follow the directions, which don’t seem to be aimed at people like me, and couldn’t get them to work.

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