Assistant professor teaching loads at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

Last year, in the context of negotiating terms of a faculty position, I found out that there are no statistics for just how many courses faculty teach. The university doesn’t compile (or share) them from departments, and of course if you ask departments they may not be motivated to give you a number that reflects all the special reductions, releases, buyouts, etc.  Ideally, the number one would like to know when negotiating a job is what the average new hire is getting offered, ie before any buyouts (a buyout is a payment from a research grant to the Department in lieu of teaching). Even the Faculty Association, which advocates on behalf of new faculty who are negotiating terms, had no idea of the real numbers.

How to find out?  I wrote a Python script to scrape the course catalogue database and compile teaching loads for every prof teaching at all. I am presenting here both the Python code I used (unedited, so far) and the tabulated course loads at UBC (in PDF format).  You can also find online  the entire database in tab-separated format, and three tables of teaching loads for Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors.

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